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I studied the history of Whitechapel/Spitalfields in an intensive one year course under Professor William J Fishman, a Senior Research Fellow of Queen Mary’s University, I was fortunate indeed as Professor Fishman had grown up in the East End and provided an inside view of this most interesting area, so I have an intimate knowledge of the areas of Whitechapel/Spitalfields. I have also attended University of Westminster to qualify as a Clerkenwell and Islington guide and completed a short course at Birkbeck University in East London History. I have appeared on television in various programs about Jack the Ripper in the past 24 years.

I started doing ‘Jack the Ripper’ walking tours in the mid-nineties and have been carrying these out ever since then. Over these years I have researched Jack the Ripper and examined most of the most famous theories and have now formed an opinion of the type of man 'Jack' must have been. I do three public walks over the weekend.
I have a possible theory that answers the two most important questions. How was Jack able to extract organs rapidly, sometimes in the dark? How was Jack able to escape bloodstained through the crowded streets?

In the past year I have set up another weekly walk 'Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet St' a stroll around Fleets through gas-lit areas and shadowy alleys.

I also do private walks for groups details which can be found on here and my web site I love telling gruesome stories and showing people the very places where these events took place.

Spoken languages: English


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